How to add SendBig to your trusted email contact list?

Our emails sometimes end up in the junk/spam folder. This is frustrating and ineffective.

This guide will show you how to add or any of our other email addresses to your trusted contact list. This guide will include the 4 major email providers: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail and iCloud.


For our Gmail users, you need to add our email address to your google contacts. Here's how:

Navigate to your Gmail inbox - Click on the grid icon in the top right corner - then select 'Contacts'

In the contacts page click on the '+ Create contact' button in the top-left corner

A new form will appear, fill in our details then click 'save'


When using Yahoo mail, adding us to your contacts is easy following these steps:

Click on the contacts icon in your Yahoo inbox as show in the image above

Click the 'Add new contact' button

All that's left is to fill in our details and click on 'Save'


Via iCloud, you can add SendBig to your contacts by following these steps:

Navigate to Contacts in iCloud

Click on the '+' icon then select 'Add Contact'

Fill in our details in their corresponding fields

To removed us from junk, click on the folder icon in the top right corner and select 'Inbox' then click 'Move'


If you're using Outlook/Hotmail, you can add our email to your 'People' list as follows:

Click on the grid icon in the top-left corner then select 'All apps'

Click on 'New contact'

Fill in our details then click 'Create' and you're done