21 Best File Sharing Free Services 2021

There are dozens of File-sharing services available on the internet. It may appear to be hard to pick which ones are the best and which one fit your needs, however this will be the least of your concerns. In this article we will list for you the top 21 free services that can help you transfer your files along with their features, free plan and paid plan, so you can save your time from searching and picking.  

5 Easy Ways To Send Large Files via Email Attachment

Want to send big files over the internet for free? Learn 5 ridiculously easy ways to share large files online using email 

Free amazing way to send large files more than 5GB to friends and coworkers

These days having actual contact with one another is dangerous, because of the pandemic we are living in, extraordinarily that the COVID-19 infection is spreading at a surprising rate everywhere on the world. Almost everything got on the web (school, college, work…). Here comes the issue of sending large documents surpassing 5gbs for free, we used to do it by giving the individual a USB. Since we can't see each other we need to send these documents on the web and there is scarcely couple of arrangements on the web accessible for free. After many Google look through we just discovered few solutions.

Send big files using sendbig.com in 3 easy steps

By utilizing SendBig, large file transfer can be done for free. This website severs are ISO 27001 certified, located in Europe. SendBig allows you to share up to 30GB of files free of charge per transfer, no matter how many uses you need there is no limitation for the quantity of transfers each day. Besides you can share files with up to 100 people by only a single click!!! In addition to numerous free professional features, you can enjoy.

How to use Resumable Upload feature from SendBig

With Resumable Uploads introduced for free to PRO users, you may begin your upload today, turn off your pc, go to sleep, and resume your upload tomorrow.

It's that simple, never worry about your internet cutting out or running out of battery, you don't have to upload them all in one session. Just resume your upload where it stopped!

This feature is only available on SendBig.com, for Free to PRO users. Sign Up For Free

We will show in 2 easy steps how to use the Resumable Upload feature from SendBig.com