Free amazing way to send large files more than 5GB to friends and coworkers

Free amazing way to send large files more than 5GB to friends and coworkers

These days having actual contact with one another is dangerous, because of the pandemic we are living in, extraordinarily that the COVID-19 infection is spreading at a surprising rate everywhere on the world. Almost everything got on the web (school, college, work…). Here comes the issue of sending large documents surpassing 5gbs for free, we used to do it by giving the individual a USB. Since we can't see each other we need to send these documents on the web and there is scarcely couple of arrangements on the web accessible for free. After many Google look through we just discovered few solutions.

The best way to send more than 5GB of files for free. 


By utilizing SendBig, large file transfer can be done for free. This website severs are ISO 27001 certified, located in Europe. SendBig allows you to share up to 30GB of files free of charge per transfer, no matter how many uses you need there is no limitation for the quantity of transfers each day. Besides you can share files with up to 100 people by only a single click!!! In addition to numerous free professional features, you can enjoy:

1) Secure your download with password.

2) Email notice when initially download happens.

3) Set the most maximum number of downloads per file.

4) Choose when transfers terminate, as long as 30 days.

5) Resend, advance or erase your uploaded files.

6) Appreciate a free 30GB per transfer.

7) Offers fast download and upload speeds.

8) Resumable Upload and Download even in the wake of closing down the pc.

9) Defer sending time of your upload files, up to 3 days.

10) Limitless number of uploads and downloads.

Other websites can be used (Dropbox, One drive, Google drive, Wetransfer …) sadly these websites have restrictions for the free version. To send large files: Dropbox payment plan starts at 11.99$ per month, One drive payment plan starts at 1.99$ per month and for Wetransfer you should pay 12$ per month. As you can notice it is not for free.

Sendbig, easy free way to share files with all its Pro features.

Google one monthly payment plans

Onedrive Premium payment plans monthly/yearly.

WeTransfer free plan / WeTransfer Pro payment plan monthly/yearly.

Dropbox plus plan payment yearly/monthly.

Hence Sendbig is unique in its domain, and until this time it is the only free solution available to be able share more than 5GB for free. Sendbig uses a business model to help people in their daily life taking into consideration all types of social classes, therefore this website is completely free. In the wake of testing this website we can affirm that it is an incredible arrangement, simple to control and offers numerous expert features.