21 Best File Sharing Free Services 2021

share large files for free

There are dozens of File-sharing services available on the internet. It may appear to be hard to pick which ones are the best and which one fit your needs, however this will be the least of your concerns. In this article we will list for you the top 21 free services that can help you transfer your files along with their features, free plan and paid plan, so you can save your time from searching and picking.  

21 Best File-Sharing free services for 2021: 

  1. Google drive. 
  2. One drive. 
  3. icloud. 
  4. Dropbox. 
  5. Sendbig.com. 
  6. Mediafire.com. 
  7. Wetransfer.com. 
  8. Zippyshare.com. 
  9. 1fichier.com. 
  10. rapidgator.net. 
  11. uptobox.com. 
  12. uploaded.net. 
  13. anonfiles.com. 
  14. turbobit.net. 
  15. filetransfer.kpn.com. 
  16. volafile.org. 
  17. gofile.io. 
  18. ddownload.com. 
  19. pixeldrain.com. 
  20. 4shared.com. 
  21. Mega.io. 

1) Google Drive

Google Drive

Google drive is safe and secure, easy to use. From anywhere and from any device you can access your files stored in Google drive, they offer a total of 15GB of space for free where you can keep your files (any sort of file: Photos, videos, presentations, PDFs – even Microsoft Office files.), save your email attachments and backup photos and videos. 

If you need more space Google drive can offer you 100GB for 1.99$/months, 1TB for 9.99$/month, 10TB+ for 99.99$/month. 

2) One drive

One Drive

If you are in business or a user who use Microsoft Office packages, Microsoft OneDrive would be the best choice for you. 

Here are OneDrive free and paid plans: Office apps included for all plans (outlook, word ,excel , PowerPoint.) 

  • OneDrive basic with 5GB for free storage only.  
  • OneDrive 100GB at 1.99$/month with 100GB storage only. 
  • Microsoft 365 personal at 69.99$/year or 6.99$/month with 1TB (1000GB) of storage + OneDrive premium features. 
  • Microsoft 365 family at 99.99$/year or 9.99$/month with 6TB of storage 1TB per person + OneDrive premium features. 

3) iCloud


If you are an Apple user iCloud is best for you. iCloud offers you 5GB of free storage accessible from any IOS device or from windows on your pc. You can save photos, documents, videos, music and share them with anyone later on. You can get more storage with iCloud but then you have to pay for each package depending on your country. 


In result of Apple success and fame insidious hackers are always trying to break into Apple’s fortress even if it is nearly impossible, however the thought of your documents being unsafe is not quite okay. In addition, for an iCloud account you have no choice but to share many information that you might not feel comfortable with. (names, credit card information, likes, dislike, passwords, friends, family trips etc).

4) Dropbox


Dropbox is mainly online storage that keeps files in sync between your personal devices and the cloud. 

Dropbox offers you many plans: 

  • Dropbox basic for free with 2GB of storage. 
  • Dropbox personal plus plan at 11.99$/month with 1 user and 2TB storage. 
  • Dropbox personal family plan at 12.99$/month with 6 users and 2TB storage. 

Even though Dropbox plans are good and helpful some might find them overpriced. 

5) Sendbig.com


By utilizing SendBig, large file transfer can be done for free. This website severs are ISO 27001 certified, located in Europe. SendBig allows you to share up to 30GB of files free of charge per transfer, no matter how many uses you need there is no limitation for the quantity of transfers each day. Besides you can share files with up to 100 people by only a single click!!! In addition to numerous free professional features, you can enjoy: 

  1. Secure your download with password. 
  2. Email notice when initially download happens. 
  3. Set the most maximum number of downloads per file. 
  4. Choose when transfers terminate, as long as 30 days. 
  5. Resend, advance or erase your uploaded files. 
  6. Appreciate a free 30GB per transfer. 
  7. Offers fast download and upload speeds. 
  8. Resumable Upload and Download even in the wake of closing down the pc. 
  9. Defer sending time of your upload files, up to 3 days. 
  10. Limitless number of uploads and downloads. 

6) Mediafire.com


Mediafire is a huge platform with more than 150 million user every month. By using Android or IOS you can access you files by Mediafire anywhere with 10GB Free/Up to 4GB per file. 

You can get Mediafire pro plan for 7.50$/moth with 1TB of space/Up to 20GB per file with no Ads. 

7) Wetransfer.com


Wetransfer allows you to send up to 2GB for free that expire after 7 days, you can resend forward and delete your transfers. Unlike other platforms Wetransfer offers you no free storage. To get storage you should get Wetransfer Pro at 12$/month or 120$/year with: 

1TB storage, send and receive up to 20GB, decide when transfer expires and more. 

8) Zippyshare.com


We can't discuss free file sharing websites without referencing Zippyshare. Zippyshare is 100% free and contain no download and transfers limits furthermore you get unlimited disk space accessible without forcing you to make an account. Nonetheless, the catch is that you can just can just upload up to 500MB per file and all records get taken out after 30 days. 

9) 1fichier.com

1fichier registered members get 1TB of storage with temporary storage, and can share up to 300GB per file but with limited speed and delay between downloads but this will not be an issue for the Premium offer at 22 Euro per year and for the Access offer at 12 Euro per year. 

10) rapidgator.net


Rapidgator in its free version offer you fast downloads and unlimited file storage, however by taking a look at the picture below you can notice Rapidgator features becomes more interesting with the premium plans starting at 14.99$. 

11) uptobox.com


As a free user on Uptobox you benefit from:   

  • 1TB of Storage. 
  • Correct download speed. 
  • Protection by mdp. 
  • Resuming downloads. 
  • Max upload size 200GB 
  • 90 days after last download files get deleted. 

Uptobox premium starting at 6.01$ for 30 days offers you in addition: 

  • Unlimited storage. 
  • Files never gets deleted. 
  • Unlimited streaming. 
  • Unlimited downloads. 
  • Unlimited speed. 

However the cool thing is that Uptobox gives you Uptobox points. But what's the point? With your Uptobox points, you can acquire premium: 1000 downloads -> 1pt UTB | 10pt UTB = 30 days of premium. 

12) uploaded.net


You can store and share your files with Upload.net with premium offer you get for 12.99$/month: 

  • Fullspeed at download. 
  • Parallel downloads without restriction. 
  • Direct, ad free downloads without waiting time. 
  • Unlimited storability of uploaded files. 
  • Manage your uploaded files at the file manager. 

13) anonfiles.com


If you are looking to share your files anonymously for free anonfiles might be your best option. This website have no restriction for downloads and offer you a limit of 20GB per file, 100GB per day,5000 file per day. 

14) turbobit.bet

turbo bit

Turbobit.net is a free cloud storage administration where you can transfer your files, store them, share documents with your companions by sharing the link to your documents, and download your friends files using the link they provide. 

Turbobit in its free version offers: 

  • Fast file exchange without signing up. 
  • Upload of files with a single tick from your PC or cell phone and even from another site. 
  • Turbobit uploader, an easy to understand work area application for transferring files to your account. 
  • Download speed can reach 1 Gbit/sec. 
  • Upload of files up to 100 GB in size, or up to 200 Mb for unregistered clients. 
  • Storage time for files: 30 days from the moment of last download, 60 days for Turbo (premium) users and 7 days for unregistered users. 
  • No limit on the total size and number of your files. 
  • Your files are always available via mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet. 
  • Special Turbo (premium) access with high speeds, without time delays, and without advertising. 

Turbobit can also provide for you more storage in its premium paid plans as you can see in the picture below. 

15)  filetransfer.kpn.com

filetransfer kpn

By using filetransfer.kpn you are allowed a 1GB of uploads per transfer. Within that limit you can upload as many files as you want in a single transfer you can also adjust the expiry date. After sending your file you will have to generate a download link which you should share with you recipients or you can choose a better option which is to generate a QR code and share that through a secure channel of your choice for extra security. 

16) volafile.org


Volafile.org is different from any other file sharing website, with it you create a room: it’s like a folder that stays synchronized with everyone. Each room has a chat and a list of uploaded files. Files expire after 2 days. Up to 20GB per file. You can share you room and allow other to download files, and add them themselves. 

17) gofile.io


Gofile is an entirely free website. There are no premium accounts or intrusive ads and you can share your files anonymously. All types of data can be shared (files, images, music, etc…). 

Gofile offers you many advantages you might not find on other websites: 

  • No limits, downloads are at the maximum speed of your connection. 
  • No need to register. 
  • No limits on the number of files uploaded. 
  • No limit of the file size. 

18) ddownload.com


With ddownload you can upload as many files you want without the worry of space to run out, you can also check all your files in real time with detailed information. 

By taking the premium plan that starts at 10 euros per months you also benefit from: 

  • Faster downloads. 
  • Downloads starts instantly. 
  • 100GB daily traffic. 
  • Resume interrupted downloads. 

19) pixeldrain.com

pixel drain

Pixeldrain is a file sharing website built for speed and ease of use.  

In its free version Pixeldrain offers: 

  • 5GB size limit per file. 
  • File expiry 30 days after the last time it is viewed. 
  • No trackers, but advertisers can see your IP address and browser fingerprint. 
  • Bandwidth will be throttled if the servers are overloaded. 

These features can be more advanced in its pro version for 2 euros per months: 

  • 15GB size limit per file. 
  • File expiry 90 days after the last time it is viewed. 
  • No ads on files you share. No ads when viewing files uploaded by other users. 
  • Completely private. No third party scripts and no logging. 
  • High priority bandwidth during times of peak usage. 

You also benefit from more time and space by other plans starting at 4 euros. 

20) 4shared.com

4 shared

With 4shared you can upload as many files as you like but there are some restrictions and benefits: 

  • The space limit is 15 GB per account. 
  • Size limit per file is 2048 MB. 
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of data that can be transferred. 
  • Free 4shared users can create up to 1000 folders within their accounts. In total, you can create maximum 30 folders in a folder. 
  • 4shared provides you with a special Multi-upload feature which allows you to upload several files at once. 

However 4shared premium offers you more benefits starting at 9.95$/month: 

  • Ad free sharing & download. No ads, no interruption. 
  • 100GB cloud storage. Just enough 4shared storage space for your files. 
  • Premium download. Instant and resumable download at faster download speed. 
  • Maximum data security. SSL data encryption for maximum protection of your files. 
  • Backup. Recovery of deleted files in your cloud. 
  • Direct download links. Get access to file direct download links for their easier sharing. 

21) mega.io


Mega is an online storage and document facilitating administration given by Mega Limited. Another file sharing website with many features: 

  • Mega uses keys to encrypt files and chats. 
  • You get a 50g GB of free storage. 
  • You are allowed to upload or download up to 1 GB of data every 6 hours. 
  • Mega is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. 

With Mega pro plans starting at 4.99 Euro /months you can benefit from more storage and file transfer size limit along with these advantages: 

  • Share easily and privately. 
  • Send large files securely. 
  • Auto back-up. 
  • File versioning. 
  • Private team messaging. 
  • Secure video conferencing. 
  • Custom rubbish bin cleaner.