Send big files using in 3 easy steps

Send Large Files

By utilizing SendBig, large file transfer can be done for free. This website severs are ISO 27001 certified, located in Europe. SendBig allows you to share up to 30GB of files free of charge per transfer, no matter how many uses you need there is no limitation for the quantity of transfers each day. Besides you can share files with up to 100 people by only a single click!!! In addition to numerous free professional features, you can enjoy.

This article will guide you how to use SendBig in 3 easy steps. So now you can easily transfer or share any large files that are available on your device.

After entering the site you can notice this homepage from where you can share your file.

Step 1:

Drag your files and drop it in the appropriate area, then click upload. Or by clicking on the + button and then select your files and upload them. Now your files are ready to be transferred to the receivers or you can also copy the link so you can share it manually to your website blog, social media or by sending it via email ...

Step 2:

In the rectangle shown in this picture you have to write your email, the

receivers’ emails and email message (optional). And then press send email button.

An alternative option, as mentioned above, is to copy the transfer link and share it manually to your website blog, social media or via email…

If you are not a signed up user on Sendbig:

  • You will need to verify your email each time you want to send a file (so your identity can be verified). You will receive a 6 digit code on your email that you have to enter to verify your identity.
  • You can also send 5GB of files that expires in 7 days to up to 10 users at a time or use the link created when the files are uploaded.

Don’t want to verify every time? Want to send to send more than 5GB with no expiry date to more than 10 emails?

Simply create a free Pro account and become one of us. By creating an account:

  • You can send your files to up to 75 emails.
  • You will not have to verify your email every time and you will be able to send 30GB of files that expires whenever you want up to 30 days.

By entering the “More options” menu in the card, you can benefit from many Pro features all for Free (you have to be signed in):

  1. Set files password ;
  2. Choose expiry date ;
  3. Pausable/Resumable uploads ;
  4. Defer sending time up to 3 days ;
  5. Maximum number of downloads ;
  6. Premium upload/download speed.